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The clear areas in this sapphire and purple glass suggested fast-flowing water through rocks. I backed it with a slightly iridescent opaque glass with bubbles. Sunlight picks out the warm tones in the rocks.

Rainbow Waterfall

I found a piece of glass with rainbow colours and backed it with another sheet with a swirl of deep aquamarine tones to give the impression of a fast-flowing waterfall. My studies of Chinese rock formations informed the structure of the chasm.
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2016

Bamboo Over Still Waters
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2016

The Planets

Avoiding lead or solder lines which would compromise the impression of suspension, the central planet was glued onto the back of this appliqué piece. The planet is cut out of milky dichroic glass which has an amber glow when backlit by sunshine.
Copyright © Elizabeth Lamont 2013

Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra

Image based on a photograph by Angus McBean.
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2016

Vivien Leigh as Anna Karenina Based on a photograph by Cecil Beaton.
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2016

Gone with the Wind. Tara at Sunset
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2016


To emulate the silvery opacity of the honesty discs I painted seeds and texture onto etched surfaces. When strong sunlight shines through the two layers of background glass it picks up colours which sparkle on the surface of the honesty. Copyright © Elizabeth Lamont 2015
Copyright © Elizabeth Lamont 2013

Misty Coastline

I painted cliffs of the Sussex coastline on blue and clear glass and backed it with a white streaky glass to capture the chalky tones of the cliffs and touches of pearly light in the sky and sea.
Copyright (c) Elizabeth Lamont 2015

Mediaeval Star

This panel was inspired by a tiny detail within the salvaged fragments of a 15th Century crucifixion scene found in Winchelsea Church. I added the border and stippled the glass to suggest weathering. The ancient glass is currently displayed as a small mosaic in the church.
Copyright © Elizabeth Lamont 2014